Enterprise upgrading with new Management tools

Foreseeing an upcoming growth in all company areas IFF International has integrated new tools to optimize the work. Between 1st  and 4th of February, in Palermo headquarter, it was held a working meeting to define new guidelines and explain new tools.

Who we were:

Tom Abele, Managind Director  LinkedIn profile >
Jens Overländer, Project Manager LinkedIn profile >
Christine Albrecht, Germany Branch Manager LinkedIn Profile >
Ennio Armato, Italy Branch Manager LinkedIn profile >
Federica Curcurù, UK Branch Manager LinkedIn profile >
Alessandro Imborgia, Business developer manager LinkedIn profile >
Monica Guarneri, Project manager LinkedIn profile >
Vitoria Carvalho, Field supervisor LinkedIn profile >
Rosaura Strazzeri, Field supervisor LinkedIn profile >

The new tools we will use:

Web and Mobile Multi-user application of project and task management

Time Doctor
Employee time tracking software that helps you and your team getting a lot more done each day.

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