VR and XR Interviews

Innovative Interview Solutions: Engage Respondents with immersive VR and XR Technology

The first hub for panelists using VR and XR technologies, transforming traditional quantitative and qualitative research into engaging experiences.

VR and XR interviews

Our app for VR and XR devices is an innovative platform that empowers our clients to break free from the limitations of traditional market research.

With an existing panel of VR headset owners, our gamified approach fosters a more natural and immersive environment, allowing respondents to enjoy and engage with the survey moment. This foundation paves the way for future expansions into XR interviews, car clinics, shelf tests, focus groups, and product tests.

The advantages of VR and XR interviews

  • Improving the quality, reliability, speed and affordability of traditional methodologies.

  • Improving user engagement through gamification and immersion.

  • Enabling under-served industries to conduct market research – Industries like tourism, hotels and services that heavily rely on experiences. Spatial Computing allows for these industries to test the experience of their users in a 3D space.