In the ocean of data,
we find the perfect wave

We carry out data collection for quantitative and qualitative market research and help our clients around the world to conduct local and multi-country studies using both traditional and innovative methodologies.

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Over one million interviews per year using the leading methodologies for quantitative and qualitative research (CATI, CAWI and IDI). Much of our data collection is done through telephone interviews, our 750+ native speaking interviewers work remotely connected from over 35 countries, we are pioneers in remote working.  For online surveys, in the year 2015, we established a team of digital marketing professionals with the aim of intercepting respondents through social media channels (Social Sampling) in order to interview them through both traditional (telephone and online) and innovative (webcam and voice assistants) methodologies.


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    Social Sampling

    A major need with quantitative market research is finding respondents who are profiled, genuine and who have not participated in surveys in recent months, all characteristics which a panel can hardly satisfy. Social networks are now used by more than half the world’s population, making them a huge ocean of respondents. You just need to find the right ones and bring them into the survey in the right way. This is exactly what Social Sampling is for: identifying and questioning the right target using Social Network audience profiling.

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    Telephone research CATI

    The CATI methodology is timeless, especially when we need to collect a lot of data and consistently. The real revolution is CATI@home, native interviewers in over 35 countries around the world.

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    Online research CAWI

    The CAWI methodology is the most widely used in quantitative market research because of its speed and cost-effectiveness. Smartphones allow users to answer the survey wherever they are and whenever they want.

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    Interviews with video call

    It is the perfect synthesis of CAWI, CATI and F2F because we can provide the client with quantitative data but with a valuable outline of qualitative data: we are able to see the respondent’s face, their reactions, in their natural environment.

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    Research with voice assistant

    The future of market research is artificial intelligence. In this case however, we are using AI to turn a voice assistant (Alexa or Google Home) into a telephone interviewer. The goal: to be innovative and memorable.

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