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1 November 2016

The 7 best technologies for telephone market research

What’s the main purpose of a researcher?

Doing research. There’s no doubt that this would be the first answer to this question. But beyond this extensive but vague answer, there’s a whole world that we need to go through with the appropriate equipment for the hardest expedition. Although our aim is the destination, the journey to get to it is what defines our own wealth of experience that is going to bring us forward.

Telephone market research certainly are an outdated strategy, but if we consider the development of the marketing macro area, it is assuring results. Though Tamer El Araby, from Nielsen, in his 2015 report affirmed that the purpose of any researcher is to search for the truth. Either if it’s a personal or a business purpose, the truth is a tough destination as a result of a cross and multi-layered journey.

What does that mean?

It means that our journey needs to be effective and efficient in order to achieve results.

Transferring these principles to our own experience with CATI surveys, thus telephone market research, it means that phone interviews must be excellent, optimal and optimized, no holds barred.

We cannot fail. In order to do so, our result, thus the research and the truth, must not consider mistakes.

For instance, if we were doing a face-to-face taste of a yogurt, we would never serve it warm or on an unsteady table. Would we ever create an uncomfortable environment that could compromise the taste?

This concept, which is made of micro experiences, is applicable to the phone interviews as well.

In my ten-year experience, I’ve perfected every little detail to improve the performance and the results. In an ideal diagram, where the x-axis represents the gathered information and the y-axis represents time, the line representing quality must be very, very steep.

Therefore, I’m going to reveal the best technologies, for telephone market researches, that I’m using for my company to achieve successful CATI surveys. Whether you’re competitors, future clients or even just curious nerds, I’m quite sure you’re going to find this helpful.

What are the 7 best technologies for telephone market researches?

Let’s try to simplify it by putting them on a synthetic but exhaustive list.

  1. Two 100 MB web-based networks;
  2. Professional Bluetooth headphones;
  3. CATI/CAWI system, compatible with mobile phones and tablets;
  4. Asterisk Telephony & Linux Infrastructure;
  5. Low consumption stupid micro terminal & pxe;
  6. Predictive dialing;
  7. Remote callers Task-Force.

What do you need all these things for?

It’s simple: to make the phone interview experience perfect.

Our network is resistant and invulnerable, you get the highest results with extremely low consumptions, promptness when obtaining perfect callers for our research and high quality equipment.

If you’d like to know more about our telephone market research methods, contact me at:

Ennio Armato (Branch Manager, Italy)

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