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5 December 2017

Telephone surveys in Europe

With this article I want to show you an overview of the European market research industry, percentage, methods, the most important research institutes, a quick overview on our market.

Europe is beating North America in leadership, by becoming the second fastest-growing market in 2016 – a significant business in these past years – and the United Kingdom, Germany and France are maintaining their position as the largest markets (source: ESOMAR Global Market Research 2016).

The percentage of conducted studies (source: Esomar) is 70% for quantitative research and 16% for qualitative research (Perhaps you might be interested in Difference between qualitative and quantitative research), although in Europe, as well as the rest of the world, the trend is to conduct online market research instead of offline studies (mainly CATI).

CAWI and online data insight analysis through the panel are the most used quantitative methods, mainly for the alleged speed and low costs. Gallup, basically one of the pioneers in market research industry, having to conduct a massive number of interviews around the world, consistently uses CATI in Europe and North America for obvious reasons.

The heart and soul of European telephone market research are London, Paris, Munich, and Milan; and there we can find the three most important events:

We attend to these events every year, as both exhibitors and presenters, and there you can actually see who is pulling the strings of this market. I highly recommend you to attend.

Most important market research institute in Europe

There are four most important market research institutes that are conducting the main studies in Europe, and all of them have branches in each European country:


Headquarters: New York



Headquarters: London



Headquarters: Paris



Headquarters: Nuremberg


We’re working with all of them, not only in Italy but with many of their branches in Europe and globally, and I can firmly say that the world’s biggest brands are turning to them. And when they need CATI, they hire us, because we’ve been conducting telephone interviews in Europe and the rest of the world for years, from Italy, the UK and Germany.

If you want to conduct a (quantitative) market research in Europe or in one of the 75 different countries where we’ve conducted studies for the past three years, contact me at

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Ennio Armato

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