DATA MANAGER – Internship

Palermo, Italy

The employee, within the Operation area, will support Data Managers with all typical activities of the field. More specifically, s/he will be involved in supporting the following activities:

  • Setting Data quality control tools: creating project filter syntax to check questionnaire programming accuracy, creating project Datamap syntax and checking first interviews;
  • Interview quality control: executing project filter syntax in order to detect possible errors during questionnaire compilation, checking quota reaching accuracy (if applicable according to the project), creating tabulations in order to detect possible irregular values and checking possible dataset variable inconsistency.


A qualified applicant will fulfill the following requirements:

  • Excellent knowledge for Microsoft Excel and SPSS main features
  • Good knowledge of Descriptive Statistics methodologies and tools: like position, variable, correlation and weighting indicators
  • Good English reading skills
  • Simple and cross-tabulation creation and interpretation skills
  • Data analysis and critical remark skills
  • Analytic and logical problem solving skills
  • Good listening, skills update and learn abilities
  • Good teamwork skills, meeting deadlines and clients and colleagues requests
  • Aged 25 years or younger.
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