CATI Stations host a new office chair in IFF International

A year ago we remodeled IFF International’s strategic office in Palermo, now it’s time to think again about CATI stations in a mobile key. Currently the Italian office is the one that hosts the largest number of telephone interviewers, we have got 120 stations. Obviously, it is the largest number of people who can live and work within our work space.

But shortly our market research work could undergo a Copernican revolution, methodological changes that will necessarily modify the architecture of the CATI stations themselves. And to do this, we are testing an office chair that allows extreme flexibility.

Flexible and wireless CATI stations

The digital superstructure we have just defined will allow interviewers to work remotely. In this case, the caller will, very simply, still work in our offices but using tablets. Let’s imagine being able to make a telephone interview, with the consent of the respondent, by using a video call. Now let’s imagine the interviewer wearing a cap and t-shirt with the logo of the final client (or the research institute if the client does not want to be mentioned while the institute does) and behind the interviewer there is a wall with The same logo repeated in an elegant pattern. Just like on the news interviews, to be clear.

Basically, it’s about building a small movie set that needs mobile workstations, that allow the field manager to manage and optimize spaces in a flexible and fast way. In this video you can see how Node Chairs get along with this game.

The work space becomes strategically fluid. By using the scenes we can get different locations in a single open space, like being on stage. With backdrops inserted according to the client’s specific requirements.

3 added value of market research with video calls

  1. Brand awareness and loyalty: the respondent’s mind strengthens the relationship between brand name and logo, and one day will be more willing to answer the questions of that “brand” or to recognize its products / services;
  2. Communicative heat: if CATI is an instrument hotter than CAWI, video call is no doubt the apotheosis, because it allows the respondent to see our callers’ face. And we can say it: all of our callers are beautiful people!
  3. Qualitative Research: With the consent of the respondent, the video can be recorded and I’m sure the research institute and its client will be happy to pay a little more to monitor also the pauses and mimicry of the respondent.

CubeSurvey is 360 ° trial

Ennio Armato, IFF Italia Branch Manager, has been anticipating innovation through the following implementations:

  • Remote CATI
  • Video calls
  • New design of CATI stations
  • Social media sampling

Hence the idea of a new, innovative, side-by-side company at IFF International: CubeSurvey, the cube market research. Upcoming events – Assirm, Research & Results and Insight Show – we will bring concrete numbers about the social sampling that in recent months has brought to great results.

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